We Will Light the Eternal Flame

A recent article at the New York Times asks “Will the Last Confederate Statue Standing Turn Off the Lights?” It is an obvious suggestion that when the last statue is taken down, the battle for remembrance of Confederate heroes will be won by the opponents of the South.

Good southern men and women will never forget, even if every monument is torn down, every military base renamed, every public reminder of the Confederacy is expunged. For the memory of those brave men and women who went before us live on in our hearts as well as the public spaces.

However, at Monuments Across Dixie, we desire to keep the lights from going out. For every switch they flip down, we light a torch. For every campfire they extinguish, we start a wildfire. We are tired of being defeated. We will not go silently!

Will you help us light the eternal flame of our ancestors’ memory? We have the ability and the venue, but we need YOUR help! We have a vision to provide something new, something special to patriotic southerners who will not fade away, and that starts NOW!

Help us erect three new 12′ statues of General Robert E. Lee across Dixie, and then keep marching on until we replace all the statues they’ve defaced, vandalized, and destroyed. This time, the statues will be on private land, where no governor, mayor, or city council can touch them and where lawless vandals will have to face the consequences if they attack them. Will you STAND with us?

If you believe in our cause, please consider a donation of any size at our secure donation page and keep the eternal flame burning for generations to come! Your ancestors will be proud you did!

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