Statues and Memorials Offered

Basic Statue: Standing nearly 6 foot tall, it is made of marble.  Modeled after Thomas Jefferson Roberts of the 25th Alabama Company I.

Custom Statue: Send us a photo of your ancestor and we can have a statue made to look like your ancestor.

Basic Statue and Base: This package includes our basic statue and a 3 foot marble or granite cube with 1 quote on 3 sides and a memorial inscription on the front. ( the base is available separate)

Bronze Basic Statue:  This nearly 6 foot Confederate Statue resembles the Durham statue that was destroyed by protesters.  Let them know they are wasting their time bringing down monuments.  We are only going to put up more and they wont be in parks that hardly anyone sees!

Nathan Bedford Forrest Bust: No one is more misrepresented from this time period than General Forrest.  Show your support today with a 18″ Bronze bust.


Other monuments available: American Revolution, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War. Contact for more information.