We Will Light the Eternal Flame

A recent article at the New York Times asks “Will the Last Confederate Statue Standing Turn Off the Lights?” It is an obvious suggestion that when the last statue is taken down, the battle for remembrance of Confederate heroes will be won by the opponents of the South. Good southern men and women will neverContinue reading “We Will Light the Eternal Flame”

Why Do Monuments Matter?

The reaction to iconoclastic methods being employed by the Marxists and their willful masses is a mixed bag. I’ve come across people who are outraged at the destruction of memorials and statues across America, but there’s an equal number of people who are gleeful and complicit, while keeping their hands clean at the same time.Continue reading “Why Do Monuments Matter?”

Time To Fight Back!

P.G.T. Beauregard George Washington Robert E. Lee Silent Sam Christopher Columbus Ulysses S. Grant Jesus Christ Theodore Roosevelt Caesar Rodney Benjamin Franklin What do all these names have in common? All are iconic men who have contributed significantly to our society, so much so that monuments have been erected in their honor for posterity, toContinue reading “Time To Fight Back!”